I got some stuff done yesterday. I found a listing on the unclaimed property listings of Washington state for myself for something over $75. I mailed off the claim yesterday for that. I think it is an old auto insurance account that I closed when I moved out of state, and never got the balance for. I also mailed off a form (PDF1048) requesting a search for savings bonds that my Mom had. We found 19 savings bonds when cleaning out her house, but she may have had more that we did not find. It is worth a shot anyway.
I scanned a couple boxes of books last night, and a couple more today. So I will get those listed in eBay’s Turbo Lister today, and get those listed on eBay tonight. I have DVDs playing in the background while I work on the computer. I got The Fast And Furious and Don’t Say A Work from the library. They were both pretty good. I am currently watching The Right Stuff which is from my own collection. I have a bunch of auctions closing tonight, and so far I am up to $323 in bids. I expect it to go up above that. I am hoping to get more money that I can invest in my Roth in the 2004 tax year.