Yahoo Finance is my absolute favorite website for stock information. That’s the first site I use to look up stock prices, and research stocks. The most useless feature that Yahoo Finance has is the message boards. Each stock has a message board. I have gone into the message boards for a few different stocks that I own, but I have usually regretted it. The Yahoo Finance message boards are filled with trolls. People with nothing better to do than verbally attack other users. One I have visited was so filled with racist insults, that I couldn’t believe that Yahoo allowed it. In other cases, I have seen blatant spam. I have gotten no useful information from the message baords at all. I rarely bother going in them anymore.
If you do go in there, be cynical of anything you read. On many occasions, people have posted inaccurate information in the forums in an attempt to favorably affect the price of a particular stock. Better yet, don’t go into the forums at all. If most of what is being posted is garbage, and you can’t trust the rest, why waste your time?