There are so many people out there who hate their jobs, or worse yet don’t have jobs. They are desperate to get rich. Along comes someone telling them make money work at home, that they can start their own business at home and make money easily. There are always people who want to find an easy way to make money. Other people that are commonly victims for work at home scams are the elderly, the disabled, single mothers, stay at home mothers, low income families, the jobless, and the under-educated. The scammer only needs a small portion of these people to fall for their scams.

The top 10 work at home scams are:
1. Envelope Stuffing
2. Chain Letters/Emails (“Make Money Fast”)
3. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
4. “Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!”
5. Typing At Home
6. “Just Call This 1-900 Number For More Information…”
7. “A List of Companies Looking for Homeworkers!”
8. Email Processing
9. Medical Billing
10. Craft Assembly

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do some research. Do a Google search on the company, and read everything you can find about them. Do other people have complaints? Take your time. If the people are using high pressure tactics, or trying to get you sign up immediately, then you should be especially on your guard.