Grrrrr! Google bought BlogSpot, now I wish they would put a leash on their spamming users! I get a ton of comment spam. I manage to block most of it through filters. Every comment goes through moderation, so not a single spam will see the light of day on my blog (unless they somehow make it look like a legit comment). I am getting close to adding blogspot to my list of banned words!

To reduce WordPress comment spam, I checked “An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below)”. For some reason, a lot of the spam messages contain words like poker and variations texas holdem, and other words that are unlikely to appear legitimate comments on my site, so I have added those words to my Comment Blacklist box.

So at this point I am getting a small number of comment spam, but I can see that number increasing as my exposure in Google increases.

Still I wish that Google would somehow rein in their spamming users! A large chunk of the spams that do show up for moderation have links to to something at blogspot.