I have been trying to get my wife to set up a blog. All of my web site’s and blogs make money. Some more than others. But it all adds up. I love the residual/passive income!
Here idea was to set up a blog for our dog, and and write posts from the dog’s view. Okay. I don’t think it will be a huge money maker, but it is a start. So I registered the domain PuppysLife.com. I set up the blog for her. She has done some posts, and I have written a couple. There hasn’t been much in the way of traffic yet, but it is still really new. Search engines have crawled it. It only needs to make about $85/year to break even.
I bought my wife a new computer, as her old computer (Pentium II/266). had a lot of problems. Now that she has a solid computer, and one blog set up, I am hoping she will learn more about running a profitable blog. Next, I want to teach her about keywords and phrases, so she can work a few into her posts. This will generate more traffic. I am hoping also that I can get her to make a blog on a more profitable subject. But if I can get her to make a post a every couple days, that will be a start. I think once she sees it starting to make a little money, she may be more motivated.
Anyway, visit my wife’s new blog Puppys Life!