Some people seem to wonder why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is not a secret, or any conspiracy.
There are a couple reasons. The first is that once they learned how to get rich in the first place, they just keep doing more of the same. So they get richer. The poor keep doing the same things that made them poor, and they get poorer. If you keep doing the same things, you will get similar results. To expect any different is the definition of insanity.
If you think of some poor family that has X amount of income, and they spend X, how do they expect to stop being poor? They need to break the cycle. They need to spend less than X, and invest the difference.
Another reason why the rich get richer is that the government taxes income, not wealth. A rich person could own a billion dollars worth of stock, and it could be quickly increasing in value. They don’t have to pay any taxes on it until they sell it. Until the stock is sold, it is just wealth on paper. So if they bought $10,000 worth of stock, and held on to it for years, and it rose to $1,000,000, and then they sold it, only then would they have to pay taxes on the money they made ($990,000). And then it might be only taxed at the lower capital gains tax rate, and not as income.
So the main formula for the rich getting richer, is to spend less than you make. Live below your means! Then invest the difference.