Why Do you Want to Get Rich with Your Own Home-Based Business? by David Parton

Why Do you Want to Get Rich with Your own Home-Based Business? This may seem like a silly question but it is deeper than it appears. Why do you want to get rich?

To have more money,obviously. Right. But what does that mean? Why is being rich so important to everyone you talk to? There is no universal answer for that. We all have our different reasons.

In order to attract those riches into your life you have to have a clear picture of the benefits of your desire. Vague thoughts like: “I want to be a Millionaire,” will not be enough to set the wheels of prosperity into motion.

You have to ask yourself “What would being rich do for me?”

For me I see being rich as a way to:

  • travel more

  • spend more time on my hobbies and creative interests

  • set my own working hours and working conditions

  • spend more time with my friends and family

  • eliminate debts

  • secure a generous retirement income

  • pamper my parents for all their love,support and patience

  • go First Class if I feel the need

  • contribute more to charities and help those in need

I could go on with a much longer list but I think I have made my point. These things help add substance to my desire, but there is one more step.

If I had these conditions in my life right now, how would that make me feel?

  • It makes me feel free.

  • I am excited in knowing I can pursue all the opportunities that come my way to grow, learn and share

  • I am free to express my zest for life.

  • I am free to develop a life that gives back to the world that has given me so much.

The desire for freedom is what motivates me to develop a successful business. I see the cultivation of prosperity as a way to attain that freedom. This is very powerful knowledge for me. I am aware that having wealth will not be without it’s challenges and I don’t expect all my problems to disappear. Nevertheless…

Why do I want to be rich?


- David Parton 2005

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