It will be interesting to see what the market does today. After taking a big dump during the second half of last week, will it continue to dump? I have almost $300 in my PayPal account, and am expecting more as people pay for the my auctions that closed yesterday. I am getting close to the end of my eBay season. I listed a couple new books on eBay last night, and relisted some of the auctions that didn’t sell last week. I also listed a Ronson Foodmatic Food Preparation Center and a bunch of attachments. Then when I looked, I saw someone else has listed theirs the same night. I ended up cancelling my auctions, and will list mine next week. It really kind of bugged me. The Foodmatic stuff doesn’t show up on eBay often, so when I finally get around to listing mine, someone else lists theirs at the same time. Basically it sucks! So I will have to wait, and relist when I don’t have competition. Also, I will probably have less potential buyers as we get into nicer weather, so may get a lower price. &*#@^&@!!!!!!
I am going to start concentrating on selling my books on Amazon. I played around, and wrote a script that will help me keep my prices competitive. We will see how well it works. I sold four books on Amazon yesterday, though they were all cheap books (three were less than a dollar).
I want to get some money scraped together so I can buy some stocks or funds at these reduced prices in case they go back up again. And if they go down more, I will buy more.