I ran across a reference to Adsense Article System In A Box on a chat board while researching ways to improve my Google Adsense earnings. It sounded intriguing. When I visited the author’s webpage, it didn’t really tell me much. It told me a lot of what it isn’t. It told me what I get: a 25 page guide, training videos, and private forum access. There were also some bonus things thrown in. But what exactly is Adsense Article System. I think she is hesitant to tell people too much, because if they knew what it was, they wouldn’t have to buy her system. That seems reasonable. The price is only $39.95, which isn’t a lot if I can earn it back. I bought Joel Comm’s system less than two weeks ago, and vastly improved my Google Adsense earnings. It will pay for itself shortly, if it hasn’t already done so. But I am always looking for new sources of passive income. So I did more research into Adsense Article System. I used Google, and came up with a couple pages that I believe were built using the system. The first was at http://www.contentdashboard.com, which appears to be nothing but random excerpts from a public domain book plugged into a template and fancied up to look pretty, and some adsense ads. The second page was at http://tomdean.net/ebay/, and had a brief and very basic article on the steps to start selling on ebay. Again with an Adsense ad attached. The article was not much more than sign up, figure out what to sell, list it, sell, it, collect the money. Not very useful.
I am not sure how much more there is to the System. The ads for Adsense Article System suggest that you don’t hve to rely on getting into the search engines. So I don’t know if it uses some sort of spam type techniques, maybe spamming blogs, or message boards, or even email.
I don’t think I will buy the system at this point. I really don’t want to put up a bunch of one page knock off sites that will probably be deep six’s by Google at some point. If there is actually more to the system than what I am seeing, I would like to hear about it.