Due to technical glitch, all of my previous posts got wiped out. So I am starting from scratch.

The goal of this website is to document my rise to riches, or my fall to poverty. I personally am hoping for the former. I am an amateur invester, but am slowly learning. I will likely make mistakes, but they will be documented here, as will my successes. As I read books, I will post reviews.

My assets at this point consist of my 401k which is worth about $190,000, and is invested in 4 funds (s&P500, Mid-Cap fund, Small Cap Fund, International fund), and 20% in my company’s stock. I have some stock options that are worth about $20,000. I have some company stock which I buy through a purchase plan, which is worth about $2000.
The main focus of my investing will be my account at Buy And Hold (dot com). I currently have about $3100 worth of investments there, which cost me about $3250. My holdings are Citibank (C), Coca Cola (KO), General Electric (GE), General Motors (GM), Merck (MRK), SBC Communications (SBC), Verizon (VZ), and two ETFs: DJ US Real Estate Index (IYR) wich is a REIT index fund and Vanguard Total Stock Market-Vipers (VTI) which follows the Wilshire 5000.
I currently believe in the principle of buy and hold for long term investing. I have lost money in the past on losers such as Marvel Entertainment, Jumbo Sports, ICOS, Swissray Medical, Borland. I am trying to stick to larger comapnies at this point. My father in law told me about the Dogs Of The Dow a few years ago, so I am playing with that strategy. More to come in the days, weeks and months ahead. Join me on my journey to wealth, or my plummet to the poor house.