I am seriously considering buying some Walmart stock. I already own some Target stock. In fact I am kind of retail heavy. But I know Walmart will be around for a long time. I am always hearing about how they are building a Walmart here, or there. So it seems like owning Walmart stock would be a good thing. But then part of me thinks I should start putting money into funds. Funds have been treating me better than individual stocks. I already own some IYR (a REIT index fund) in my regular brokerage account. I am thining about selling it. IYR is great in my Roth IRA. But because of the tax implications, it is not as goo din my regular account. So I want to maybe replace it with some thing that will generate less taxes via dividends. A growth stock that I can get away with pay long term capital gains taxes years from now. Walmart might be good. But then a good index fund might be good also. Maybe a small cap value or growth fund. Something aggressive. Aggressive funds have been doing well in my 401k.
I actually placed orders this morning for some eBay and some Google stock. But I cancelled them before they took place. I have already maxed out my Roth IRa for 2006, so I should do the same for my wife’s. But I would do larger chunks of money for that. Probably $2000 at a shot to minimize transaction fees.
Right now, I will just wait. Maybe I will order some Walmart stock? Maybe more Target? I just dunno.