Sven Jaschan, the bastard who created Sasser worm that screwed up thousands of computers, and played havoc with the internet was given a suspended sentence, and 30 hours of community service. Every year people pay millions or billions of dollars trying to protect their computers and businesses from viruses and hackers, etc, and some lousy court gives this bastard a slap on the wrist! What kind of deterent is that? I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother-f-er writes a book, and make all kinds of money from this! What is to prevent any other a-hole from doing the same thing? They should have at least made him pay for the damages caused. Garnish his wages for the rest of his life till he pays it off!
Interestingly, Microsoft is paying $250,000 total to the people who provided tips that led to the arrest of Jaschan. So $250,000 divided by 30 hours of community service is $8333.33 per hour! So Microsoft paid $8333.33 for each hour of community service that this butthead was sentenced to.