My wife found my name in a list for unclaimed money in Washington state. I checked into it, and found that I was owed $75 or more! Way cool! I had an idea where the unclaimed money had come from. I believed it was a leftover balance from when I cancelled my car insurance after we had moved to New York state. I filled out a claim form for the unclaimed money, and sent it in. I had to supply some old document or other that had the address associated with the unclaimed money. That was a little tricky as we had only lived at that address for about a year. But fortunatly I found something. I think it might have been a tax form.
I waited, and eventually got a check for $117. The check came from Washington state, so I am not absolutley sure what it from. I am pretty sure the unclaimed money came from the car insurance.
Unexpected money is a great thing. Check out some of the websites for unclaimed money, and see if by chance you are listed. Maybe you will have some unclaimed money coming your way!