Well the last couple days had been really good, and today looked promising, but stocks seem to be slipping. Oh well. The price of oil is going, so many stocks are going down. On the other hand, my energy fund (IYE), and trusts (PWI, PGH) are going up.
Michaels (MIK) was downgraded, but I am not concerned at all. The P/E ratio was maybe a touch high at aroun 25, but not much. The PEG is only 1.14.
Ahh the PEG. I just learned about it. It is the P/E ratio divided by growth. If the PEG is much above 1, the stock might be over priced, or if it is much below 1, it might be under-priced. You have to look at all the other numbers as well. I think they are a solid company anyway.
My Google Adsense earnings this last month were my best. I made over $140 in the single month, more than enough to beat the $100 minimum payment, and get a check (later this month). I am at almost $53 for this month, and am not even one third of the way through the month. So this month is looking good as well. I will of course invest the money when I get it!