I got paid today! I paid my car payment. Besides, I am expecting about $150 from Google for Adsense. I have money at Amazon that I can transfer any time. I had some extra money, so I decided to buy some stock. I looked at the various stocks I own, and am pretty happy with them. I do not want have too many eggs in any single basket though. So besides looking at companys I already own, I looked at some others. I looked at Public Storage (PSA), which I still might buy some of. Even though it has a low growth estimates, the price has consistantly gone up. The P/E ratio is decent. It is one of those boring companys that people use (though not me). I looked at Barnes And Noble (BKS). I shop there occasionally, though I buy more books online. They are building a new one down the street from my work, so they are expanding. I believe they own iUniverse, which I would love to have a piece of the Print On Demand market as I feel it will be growing. My book was published through iUniverse, so I like them. Their 5 yer grwoth estimates were only 13%…good buty not great. Then I looked at Michaels Stores (MIK). I buy screen printing stuff there, and my wife buys polymer clay and other crafts stuff there. They really don’t have much in the way of a competitor around here. Some stores carry some stuff, but not a one stop craft place. They are always busy, and I always wait in line at the register. The 5 year growth estimates is 17%. The P/E 22.85 which is reasonable. I looked at buying more ebay, but the P/E of 62 scares me. So I settled on Michaels Stores, and ordered $250 worth.