Earlier this year, I got a American Airlines credit card. I got the gold card which gives me 1 mile for every 2 dollars I spend. I could have gotten the platinum card where I would have gotten 1 mile for every 1 dollar I spend, but then I would have had an annual fee.
I just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Legend. They were offering a card that gave sea miles. I would get 1 mile for every 1 dollar I spend. It is a platinum card with no annual few. The rates look competitive too. I would get 5000 miles the first time I use the card, and I can transfer my balance and get miles for that too. And I would have 0% interest for 6 months on the tranferred balance. So I filled out the application. I expect to be approved as I have a good credit rating. I actually go on Carnival Cruises more often than I fly American Airlines these days. And cruises are much more fun. So I am excited to get my new card so I can start earning miles towards another cruise.