I just put in an order to buy $247.01 worth of iShares S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Growth (IJT) ($250- $2.99 transaction fee). After listening to one book on tape, I can’t remember which one off hand, the author was talking about one guy who was proud of having earned a large sum of money from Berkshire Hathaway in a tax deffered account. The author said it was dumb, because it is a growth stock. The gains will now be taxed as income, when if the stock was held outside the account, it would have been taxed as capital gains. I think I am getting that right. Anyway, most of the stuff I have been buying for my buyandhold account have been stocks/funds with large dividends. I will have to pay taxes on those. So what I may do is start putting the high yeilds stuff into a Roth IRA, and buy growth stuff for my regular account. Thats what I am thinking. I compared the IJT versus some other funds, and it appeared to be doing quite well. It is an index fund which is good, so the expense ratio is on .25%. Maybe I will buy this for my regular holdings, and look at buying the IYR REIT index fund to put inside a Roth IRA. I still need to set up a Roth IRa, but will be doing so very soon.