I haven’t got my $5000 deposit yet, but I expect to get it sometime today. Meanwhile, I deposited a $117 check I got from Washington State after finding myself listed in unclaimed property. I had some money in my account already, so I decided to buy $250 worth ($247.01 + $2.99 fee) of eBay (EBAY). I decided to go with eBay because I kept thinking that in 10 years, which is most likely to be a leader in their industry: eBay or Google? eBay seemed to be the better choice. eBay has little in the way of competition in their market and has easily survived competitor’s attempts to enter the market they created. Where Google has strong competitors vying for thier spot as the search engine leader. And one of those is Microsoft which has a nasty habit of getting what they want. eBay is also close to their 52 week low, while Google has been going up in recent days.
If I get my $5000 deposit today, I may buy something else, or I may wait until tomorrow. I may put some more into some of the stocks I own such as Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), or I may look at a couple others. Maybe Target (TGT), or maybe Lowes (LOW). I don’t know yet.