My transfer from PayPal completed this morning, so I put in an order for $250 worth of Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL). I know I need to concentrate on accumilating more shares of the stocks I already own, but I liked thier numbers. I have been on three cruises with them and had a blast. The screen saver on my work computer is flashing photos from our last cruise which was almost exactly a year ago, and I can’t wait to go again! Their debt is a reasonable amount of their cap. Their earnings growth is 82%. Their earnings estimates for the next five years is 15%. I notice that over half of the stock is held by insiders, but I also notice that over half is held by institutions. Not sure how over half of the stock can be held by both insiders and institutions at the same time, unless the insiders hold the stock in 401k plans or something? I don’t know. I looked at their performance versus the S&P 500 and they have outperformed it pretty consistantly! I wonder if they give any special discounts to stock holders? :) I will probably buy more of this stock.
I wish I could go to Barbados right now! Or maybe St. Thomas. Anywhere in the Caribbean would be awesome!