I just put in an order for $250 worth of Amazon.com (AMZN) stock. I have been making alot of money from them, so I decided to own a little bit of the company. Their debt is low relative to their cap, and they have enough cash to pay it almost all off. They are expanding into other countrys. They now have a store in China! They seem to be adding new product lines all the time, and coming up with new ideas to generate revenue. They are the leader in their market of online books. Nobody else even comes close. Their earnings growth is huge!
Another reason I am buying Amazon is that as an Amazon Associate, I use their Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build my stores. Almost 2 months ago a bug was introduced that has messed up some of my stores to a certain extent. I have been bugging their support people to fix it, and I keep getting a canned response that they are aware of the issue, and are working on it. Yet it has not been fixed. I am going to write a letter to Jeff Bezos to let him know of the issue, and I want to comment that I am a stockholder as well as an affililate. I am hoping the bug is short term. Overall I think they are great company.