My PayPal transfer completed this morning, so I had enough (barely) to max out my Roth IRA for the 2004 tax year. I bought $497 worth of iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index (DVY), which is an index ETF that includes stocks that have had dividend groth over 5 years and still retain earning for growth. I was re-listening to David Bach’s Start Late Finish Rich, and he was suggesting the stock portion of your perfect pie include equal parts of DIAMONDS Trust, Series 1 (DIA), SPDRs (SPY), NASDAQ 100 Trust Series 1 (QQQQ), and DVY. DIA didn’t seem to vary all that much from the S&P 500. SPY is the S&P 500 which I am already heavily invested in via my 401k. QQQQ way under-performed the S&P 500. But DVY has outperformed the S&P 500 at least since it’s inception which I admit is pretty short. But I am happy that I managed to scratch the $3000 together to max out the Roth. Not bad considering I managed to do it in a little over a month, and considering ther money I had to gather to pay taxes, etc. Whew! I will be a little tight till payday on Friday though. I should start getting disbersments from my Mom’s thrift plan next month which will go to fund the Roth IRA for the 2005 tax year, and then I can open a Roth IRA for my wife, and max hers too. Then the rest will go into my regular brokerage account. At this point I have most of the funds and many of the stocks I think I want to own, so I can concentrate on buy more shares in each. I want to get more IYR in my Roth.