My $816 check for the bonds I cashed cleared overnight, giving me enough to invest another $1000 in to my Roth IRA for the 2004 year. I put in an order for $500 worth of iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EEM). This fund has been doing awesome over the last few years. I believe that while emerging markets are risky, they also have great potential for high returns. And since I am getting an index fund, I will be diversified among many companys, so hopefully any bad events will be offset by the rest of the companys in the fund. I also put in an order for $500 worth of iShares Dow Jones US Energy (IYE), which has done quite well lately. With the rising costs of oil, this is probably a good sector to be in. We always need energy, and always seem to be needing more.
My 401k is made up of pretty solid straight forwards funds. I am going to play with the Roth IRA, and see if I can get some higher returns with more aggressive funds that I don’t have access to in my 401k.