Last year I went to a free seminar called The Millionaire Conference. I had gotten free tickets in the mail. Free investing information is good! It was a LONG day. I sat front and center. I was surprised by the audience. Most of them didn’t looklike they had alog of money to invest. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some of them lived in trailers. Nathan Osmond (one of The Osmond’s sons) was the MC. He sang the national anthem.
Then came the speakers:
Bob Kittell spoke about stock trading, and covered calls, and was selling a service called Investools, and seminars to learn how to use it.
Another unscheduled guy was selling cookie cutter online stores.
Robert Bluhm talked about asset protection, and started talking about all kinds of legal structures such as ‘C’ Corporations, Family Limited Partnerships, CRTs, Living Trusts that were supposed to proect you from law suits, and the IRS. He was selling books and software.
Bill Danko, co-author of the The Millionaire Next Door, spoke for a bit.
Lynn Alder talked about buying and selling real estate. A lot of Robert G Allen kind of stuff. He we selling books, or coruses or soemthing.
Bill Danko came out and talked some more. Mr Danko was great and I enjoyed hearing him speak. Very well spoken.
Wayne Gray, the most dynamic of the speakers spoke about investing in tax liens and tax deeds. It was interesting stuff. This was the one that actually intrigued me most. You could earn up to 18%, or more by buying tax liens. You could also get stuck with a worthless piece of property that no-one would buy if you don’t know what you were doing.

After each speaker pitched his stuff, he would offer it for sale. The normal price for each of the packages was $5000-$6000, but today only you could get it for $3000. Kind of hucksterish. But lots of the desperate looking people jumped with credits cards, and were
snatching the stuff up.

As we left, Nathan Osmond was passing out “signed” copies of The Millionaire Next Door. The signature looked printed. I would liked to have had a real signed copy of the book. A hard cover would have been even better.
I didn’t purchase any of their seminars or packages. I did later buy a book on tax liens titled Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens : Earn Safe, Secured, and Fixed Returns Every Time by Larry B. Loftis for $13 from Amazon.

I enjoyed The Millionaire Conference, and would go again if they have it in my area.