The Advantages of Airline Credit Cards by Morgan Hamilton

Credit card companies are becoming very competitive. With the use of credit cards becoming an everyday part of life, credit card companies are scurrying to get your business. Many credit card companies have teamed up with other companies to offer rewards or perks to users. Airlines are one of the top companies that they have team up with. Travel and credit go hand in hand to provide the customer with free air miles for purchases they make on their credit card. Airline credit cards have many advantages for the frequent traveler.

Airline credit cards have a major credit card company backing it, but also displays the airlines logo or name. As you make purchases you earn points towards these airline miles. Most airline cards have a certain number of points you must gain before earning a free ticket. It is important to read the details about a card before signing up so you understand how the point system works. Shopping around is always a good idea, as an airline may have ties with a few different cards.

Different credit cards offer different fees, charges and point systems. An airline credit card should be treated as you would any type of credit card.

Purchases made on an airline credit card help the customer to earn miles that they can then use at this certain airline. When using a credit card that is tied in with an airline you have the security of knowing exactly where you can use the miles. With other non-airline credit cards that allow you to earn miles, but are not tied in with a specific airline you may not be able to use the airline of your choice. An airline credit card is more convenient for a traveler who has a particular airline that they always travel with. The fees tend to be higher with these types of cards, but the airline miles benefits help make up for that. In fact, the free air travel you earn could even make an airline credit card a better deal than other types of credits cards. For example, let’s say that your fees with airline credit card X are $100 a year and fees with non-airline, non-mile earning credit card B are $50 a year. However, you fly often for business and airline credit card X helped you earn four free tickets this year, saving you $400, then you can clearly see the extra $50 in fees was well spent. Airline credit cards are also more flexible in how they let you use the free miles you have earned. Other non-airline credit cards often have blackout dates and most airline credit cards do not have these. Somebody who travels a lot will benefit the most from an airline credit card.

Airline credit cards are just like any other credit card. They require responsibility in their use and should be chosen carefully. However, for someone who travels often an airline credit card could just end up saving you money. Airline credit cards have advantages that go beyond the typical non-airline credit card.

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