I was watching tv ther other morning while getting ready for work, and saw an infomercial for a free Teach Me To Trade seminar this coming Thursday. I love free seminars for get rich quick stuff like these. I am always facinated by the sales pitches. And I enjoy watching the other people who go to them. Anyway, the Teach Me To Trade commercial showed a bunch of people who supposedly made money using the system. A few of them had only been using the system for a couple weeks I think. If you took a few hundred people, gave them basic investing information to where they think they know what they are doing (even if they dont), and then set them loose investing, some are bound to make money in the short run, some are bound to lose money, and some are bound to break even. I could buy $100 worth of a 100 random stocks, and in the short term, a few are likey to do very well. But can I point to these few stocks, and say I am great investor? No, you have to look at the whole picture. Over longer periods of time, those who are better investors will rise to the top, and those who are not will be at the bottom. But anyone can make money in a bull market! And of course, the infomercial quoted Peter Lynch out of context. And the audience int he commercial was funny, always clapping as if on que like trained seals. And then they of course have to throw in buzz words like extra income stream.
Anyway, I signed up for the free seminar, and will check it out. I am sure it will be amusing. At the very least, it will give me something to write about.