Turbo Tax Tax Cut

Up to about a half a dozen years ago I used various tax software (TurboTax or TaxCut). Then I started making money via the internet, and it started making my earnings unpredictable. I have always HATED doing taxes. It is always very stressfull. Then the one year I sat down and plugged in my stuff, and the computer told me I owed $5000 in Federal taxes, and I hadn’t even done my state stuff yet. This was above and beyond what had already been withheld for my regular 8 to 5 job. I started panicking. Where was I going to get $5000? I rechecked my numbers. I found a couple mistakes. Corrected them, but it made little difference. Where was I going to get $5000? I had less than a month before taxes were due. I couldn’t come up with $5000 in less than a month. I figured I would need some sort of extention. I decided to try an accountant. A buddy of mine recommended his. I took my stuff to the accountant. The accountant told me how I could deduct portions of our rent and utilities, computer hardware, and other stuff related to my home business. By the time he was done, I only owed about $2000 Federal taxes. I still had to pay, but I could gather $2000. He charged me about $250 I think. I know it was definatly worth the money! I have been using a CPA ever since. It is also much less stressful!
I think the software would be good for people with simple taxes. But if you have any thing complex like a business, or estate stuff, I would use an accountant.