I haven’t heard from my accountant, so I gave him a call today. I asked about my tax return, and he said he was working on on it. I guess I need to get my tax stuff to him sooner. Actually I have known that. I have used the same CPA for about 6 or 7 years, and he is very good. But every year, my wife and procrastinate getting our tax stuff together for him. Personally, I hate doing taxes. I used to use Turbo Tax or Tax cut, but they were so stressfull. One year, I figured out I owed $5000 Federal tax, and hadn’t even gotten to state. Then I took my tax stuff to the account, and he got it down to $2000 Federal. He knew about deductions I could take. I am sure the deductions are in the software, but if you don’t know about taxes, and legal stuff to begin with… But the sooner we get our tax stuff to the accountant, the sooner we get it back, since he puts his clients in a queue based on when he recieves their stuff.
Anyway, he said he was currently working on our tax return and will give me a call when it is ready. Then I can go pick it up. My wife and I will need to sign it. Then he said I can just fax the signed page to him, since we are doing efile. I would still like to know how much we owe so I know how much money we will need. I may have to sell some of my stocks. Not sure. Depends on how much we owe. We did shove a bucnh of money into our 401k’s, so that should lower our tax base some.