I got a call from my CPA, and he ask how I was doing. I said you tell me. He said I was doing great. I asked my accountant for the numbers. I owe $2939 Federal, and $1033 State. Estimated taxes for this next year are going to be $930 Federal, and $90 State for each quarter. That comes to just under $5000 that we need to pay before tax day. I have more than that in my savings thankfully! So we are covered! I was expecting to possibly owe a bunch more than that. SO tonight, we will sign papers, and fill out checks, and then tommorrow, I can take them all to the post office, and get them mailed off. I am glad to have all of this done. He did say the IRS might question one thing. I had 20% withheld for taxes on my Mom’s thrift plan disbursments. This was only on the taxible portion. This added up to over $3200. So he credited that to my return. He said that if the IRS sends me a letter denying that, then we would follow up with aletter writing compaign. My own personal thoughts are that if they insist that I fork over $3200, then I will demand they return the $3200 that was withheld in the first place!