I talked with our accountant this morning. He is still working on my return. But it looks like we are going to get an $1100 refund from the Feds! But we will have to pay around $250 to NY state. So we wont have to be makeing estimtated tax payments to the feds this year. But our estimated taxes to the state will increase a little bit. This is the first time in many years that I have gotten a refund! WOW! I thought I was going to have to pay taxes.
He is still working on them, and doing the estimated taxes and stuff. We are going over to pick them up Sunday morning. He will do efile. But we will still have to mail the stuff on Monday or Tuesday. That will be interesting as we are going to be in Canada. We will probably have to drive back to the USA to mail off our NY State tax return, and then drive back to Canada. We could probably mail the NYS tax stuff from one of those automated postal machines, but then it wouldn’t be certified with return reciept requested.
Oh well. I hope crossing the border isn’t too much of a pain.