Q: What are tax liens? How do I invest in tax liens?

A: Tax liens are like regular liens placed property except that they are placed by the county for property taxes owed. About half the states in the US use tax liens, and the other half use tax deeds. Tax deeds are work a little differently than tax liens. If you are interested in aquiring property, then tax deeds might be of more interest. Tax liens are better at providing a guarenteed rate of return. Some tax liens can have very good rates of return such as 18%! Other tax leins have the potential for having even higher rates of of return.
Now as how to invest in them…the county wants to be paid. The county needs the money to provide services for it’s citizens. They would rather be paid now, than later. So they will sell the tax liens to the public. You can buy the tax lien, basically paying the county the taxes they are owed, and now you hold the tax lien on the property.
The tax liens are usually sold at tax lien auctions. Every county operates in it’s own way.
First you need to find out when and where the tax sale wil be held for the county you are interested in. Contact the Tax Collector or Treasurer’s office for the county. They will hopefully be able to give you the information you need. Find out if you can get a list of properties available at the sale. Find out the interest rate. Gte the rules for the sale. As I said, every county operates by their own rules, procedures. So you may find some counties that are easier to deal with. And it might be like pulling teeth trying to get information out of others. It really helps to learn the terminology. Also find out if they have unsold tax liens from the last sale. You maybe be able to buy these straight out

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