I got a letter forwarded to me by my broker that appears to be from Carnival Corporation (CCL). It talks about shareholders owning fewer than 100 shares (I own a little over 20 shares of CCL):
“While we value all of our shareholders, we realize that the inconvenience and cost of commisions may have deterred you from selling or purchasing few than 100 shares in the past. For this reason, we have retained Georgeson Shareholder to offer you this program for a fee of $3 per share sold or purchased (up to a maximum of $45 per account).”

Is it just me, or does a fee of $3 per share NOT seem like a great deal? I can buy or sell all of the shares I want for $2.99 (per transaction) through my Buy And Hold account. I even get a couple free trades a month (though I pay a monthly fee of $7).

A quick search search revealed a bunch of other company’s doing similar things with this Georgeson Shareholder mentioned. I don’t think it is a scam, but it doesn’t sound like a good deal either.