Stop Throwing Away Your Tax Refund! by Steve Hoven

Tax time is just around the corner. Are you getting a big refund this year? Well if you are, you are THROWING AWAY BIG MONEY!


This is not the number of your dependents but the number of your exemptions!

If you are getting a BIG tax refund every year, you may love getting that check; however, you are actually giving the Government your money interest- free for a year. This is not a wise use of money .

The IRS stated, back in 2004, that the Average tax refund check was almost $2,300!!! That is almost $200 per month ($200 X 12 Months) that is given to the IRS INTEREST FREE!!! If you are getting a tax refund check of more than $300, you need to consider changing your exemptions. Feel free to send me any of your extra money. I will keep it for you until next year and NOT pay you any interest.

For example, if you got a $600 Tax refund last year (or plan on getting one this year), that is $50 a month extra in taxes that you paid last year. You earned no interest on it. If you want to, you can send me that $50 and I will keep it for you and a year from now send you the $50 back. That $50 could save you $100’s of dollars in interest NOT paid if you applied it to your Mortgage.

Consider a person who has a 30 year mortgage on a $150,000 mortgage x 6%. If he or she made just 1 extra payment of $300, they would save over $1,400 in interest! Talk about return on their money!! That $300 could easily be paid by saving $50 a month for 6 months. $300 payments vs. $1,400 OF NOT HAVING TO PAY IN FUTURE INTEREST. THAT IS OVER 460% RETURN ON YOUR MONEY!!! It is hard to find a better return than that.

Change your Exemptions at your job. Exemptions and Dependents are NOT THE SAME THING! The same person who is getting a $600 tax refund is earning No interest from the Government. However, he or she could save $2-3,000 in interest on that same money!! This is how the middle class person gets AHEAD by USING HIS/HER MONEY CORRECTLY.

Try and make it so your tax refund is not more than a couple hundred dollars at the most.

Copyright 2006 Steve Hoven

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