I was watching the movie Fun With Dick And Jane. Not the original, but the remake with Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. I like the original with George Segal and Jane Fonda much better. The main premise of the movie is a Dick (Jim Carrey) get screwed over by the heads of the corporation he works for. The company goes broke amid an accounting scandal. Dick and Jane spiral down until they turn to robbery. They find out that the CEO was behind the whole scandal, and they end up robbing him, and giving the money to the pension fund in his name.

But at the beginning of the credits they had a little sense of humor in their acknowledegments:

Special thanks to:
Ken Lay-Enron
Bernard Ebbers-WorldCom
David Myers-WorldCom
Dennis Kozlowski-Tyco
Mark H. Swartz-Tyco
John Rigas-Adelphia
Timothy Rigas-Adelphia
Scott Sullivan-WorldCom
Bufford Yates-WorldCom
Jeffrey Skilling-Enron
Andrew Fastow-Enron
Lea Fastow-Enron
Samuel D. Waksal-ImClone Systems
David Duncan-Arthur Andersen
E. Kirk Shelton-Cendant
Ben Glisan Jr.-Enron
Dan Boyle-Enron
Weston Smith-HealthSouth
Aaron Beam-HealthSouth
Arthur Andersen

Now that was hilarious! :)