Yesterday was a pretty up day in the market. My company’s stock shot up on positive earnings. While it was up $2.50, I exercised stock options for 200 shares that will bring about $4200. It was a cashless exercise. I still have options for about 800 shares. The options will expire in a little over a year, so I plan on exercising them over time since I don’t know where the high or lows will be. If I had waited a little yesterday, the stock was up over $3.50 a share. But of course I didn’t know that would happen. It could have just as easily have dropped. It has a P/E in the upper 30s, and hasn’t done much over the last 5 years. So would I buy the stock? Not seriously. I have $25 per pay period going into a stock purchase plan, but that’s it these days. They said they will mail me a check on Friday. I will probably use it to max my Roth IRA, and maybe open one for my wife. I should be getting a disbursment from my mom’s thrift plan later this week, or early next week as well. I do need to save some money to have some work done on our house as well, to have a small roof leak looked at (it has only happened during hard heavy blowing rain, but still…)