I have been thinking about it for a while. I love IYR (a REIT index fund) in my Roth IRA! I bought some for my regular brokerage account, but I learned dividends from REITs get taxed as income, not at the lower dividend tax rate. So my earnings are getting eaten up by taxes. It didn’t matter in the Roth IRA where my earnings are tax free. So I decided to sell it. First I made sure it was not between an ex-dividend date and a dividend date. I hate selling off a stock, and then getting a tiny dividend. Then I have this tiny amount that is not worth selling but just sits there messing up my portfolio screen. IYR was well past the last dividend.
I will probably buy some IJS which is a small cap value index fund. It has track similar to IYR but should be more tax friendly in my regular brokerage account.