What is socially responsible investing? Socially responsible investing (abbreviated SRI) is also referred to as ethical investing or social investing. A closely related term is green investing. Socially responsible investing involves investing in companies that align with your personal values. It also involves not investing in companies that go against your values.
I am not what you would call a tree-hugger. I’ll invest in almost anything if the money is there. There is one exception for me. I won’t invest in tobacco companies. I find smoking disgusting! I hate the smell of cigarettes and he smell of cigars makes me want to vomit. I hate driver behind people who are smoking as I can smell it in my car. I hate being near heavy smokers as I can smell it on their clothes. On average smokers are inconsiderate drivers. And when I see the jerks flicking thier ashes out the window, it usually only matter of time before they throw the cigarette butt out the window too. Besides all this tobacco causes cancer like nothing else. My mom had half a lung removed when she had lung cancer. She managed to quit smoking for a while but then started again. It eventually kiled her as her body was riddled with cancer.
I will happily invest in clear-cutting timber companies. I would joyfully invest in casinos. I would invest in breweries. I would invest in companies that make weapons for the military. I might even invest in brothels in they were listed on the stock market. I WILL NOT INVEST IN TOBACCO COMPANIES. I would be more than happy to see them go out of business.
That my own form of socially responsible investing!