I have been thinkibg aout it for a while now. I have been switch from buying individual stocks to buying funds. My funds have done better than my individual stocks. I just am not great at picking stocks. I do plan on holding onto some of them. The ones that I think are industry leaders and will be around for a long time. While I like Advance Auto Parts, they are not unique in their field. The are a several auto parts stores around here AutoZone, and Parts Plus. Of the auto parts places around here, I do like Advance Auto Parts the best.
I remember hearing a question about whether you thought a comapny would be around in 10 years. AAP Will probably be around, but who knows. I don’t have the faith in them that I might Target or eBay.
So I decided to sell the AAP stock today, and move the money into a fund. Maybe ILF?
I will be looking through my other stocks. I want to simplify my portfolio a bit.