My wife is going back to school in the fal to get her teaching credentials. I am guessing it will cost us about $30,000 over the year or longer that she is going to school. The holdings I have in my regular brokerage account are worth a little over $17,000. I also own about $4000 worth of my company stock. I will probably sell much of these to pay for her school. Then when she is done with school and gets a job as a teacher, we can start building our portfolio again. I am still stuffing money into my 401k (which passed $320,000 the other day). And my Roth IRA is worth over $15,000, and she has a small IRA, and a couple 401k plans with money in them.
I will probably sell some of the indivdual company stocks in my portfolio first.
I don’t want to borrow money. I gotta get my credit card balance back down again. Thankfully, I only owe about 4-5 more months worth of payments on my car till it’s paid off!