My wife switched employers about a year ago. She debated about about what to do with her 401k from her old employer. Whether to rollover into IRA or new employer 401k. She never got a lot of information about her new 401k plan. They don’t really do matching, but do some sort of profit sharing thing. So the better the company does, the more they contribute to the 401k plans. And apparently they only offer a single fund.
We just got the statement for her new 401k plan. The fund is invested in about 60% equities and 39% stable value, and 1% cash equivalents. That is very conservative. Her other 401k plan is invested in mostly equities and has been doing very well. We are only in our early 40’s and there is no reason to be so conservative. So at this point there is little incentive to do any 401k plan rollovers.
She is still considering whether she wants to roll her older 401k plan into an IRA ir not.