The Motley Fool Investment Guide by David & Tom Gardner.

Written by the founders of the Motley Fool website, this book has some interesting investing ideas. The first idea they give is called the Foolish Four. It is based on the Dogs Of The Dow, but they take the 10 highest yielding Dow stocks. From these 10 stocks, they take the least expensive 5. The throw out the cheapest as this stock is usually in trouble, and that give you the Foolish Four. You invest 40% in the cheaspest of the fout, and 20% in each of the other three. This strategy has historically out-performed the market by large margin. I had already read about the Foolish Four, and might play with this.
In the next part the advocate buy small-cap growth stocks saying these are the more likely to double and triple than the large cap stocks. They give a set of 8 tests that the stocks must meet to be cosidered for investment. I might be interested in looking closer at this strategy.
In the last part they talk about shorting stocks. They give 3 tests that the stocks must pass to be considered for shorting. I personally am not interested in shorting stocks. I am interested in more conservative forms of investing.
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