I love residual income! I have made so much money from residual income it is amazing! I tell my friends, and even show them the checks. I am not quite sure why they don’t get involved working building residual income themselves.
My first foray into residual income was building a shareware program. It was a game that ran on bulletin board systems. I did the work, had a blast writing it, and then sold it. The checks poured in. I later wrote another shareware program that was genealogy related. Again, the money poured in.
I love the idea of doing the work once, and then sitting back as the money continues to flow. If I make something solid, and sell it, then I have to make another if I want to sell it again. But writing a computer program, I can write it once, and then sell it over and over. There is a bit of work generating the registration codes, but even stuff like that can be automated these days. Then the residual income becomes passive income.
Then I got involved in building web sites. I built one for fun, and the traffic came. I didn’t have any advertising on it at all. Then I build another site. And added some Amazon ads, and made a little money from it. That was really cool. My site was there making small amounts of money all day long. I added more pages, and more ads, and made a little more money. As I learn more, I got better at it. I continued learning about search engine optimization, building dynamic web pages, ad placement, etc. Some of the early stuff I did is still making money. I continue adding more web sites, and content. And as I continue learning, I continue adding to my residual income.
I look at what I am making now, and what I have the potential to be making via residual income, and I think it is possible that I might be able to quit working a regular job in a few years. That would be really cool to sit back, play on my websites, while cash flows in from work that I have already done. My wife could quit her job too. Right now, this blog is one of my fastest growing sources of residual income! I spend some time writing an article such as this one, and I will potentially continue to get traffic for years! And with the traffic comes revenue. I wish I had known what I know now when I was younger!
So look for your own sources for residual income!