Right now energy is a hot sector! Oil prices are shooting through the roof. There is always the questions of how much oil is there. What kind of damage is using oil doing to the enviroment. What is the middle east shuts us off. China is popping into the picture and starting to draw heavily on the existing oil supplies. President Bush seems to be on board looking at alternative energy. Seem like a good time to consider a renewable energy investment!
What are the renewable energy investment choices? Solar, wind, hydro, biodiesel, ethanol, fuel cell. Where the heck to go? Wind power looks really cool! I know out in California on the way from Ontario to Palm Springs, there is a big wind farm. There is even a manufactruing plant near where I work that has a giant windmill in their parking lot. It powers the plant. I was reading on CNN about a company named Superior Renewable Energy that wants to build a big wind farm out in the Gulf Of Mexico. Seems like the greenies would be into it, but seems the windmills kill a lot of birds. Apparently the blades hit the birds. I’ve seen the big windmills, and the blades don’t move too fast. How do they kill the birds? Are the birds so stupid as to fly into them?
What about solar? I don’t know, but seems like there might be chemicals that would harm the environment in the manufacturing of the solar cells. And when they fail, do they go into a landfill? The environmentists would probably hate any idea that comes up, prefering that people live in grass huts, and eat tofu. Meanwhile they drive their SUVs to their green weenie meetings.
But lets put the green monster away for the moment and get back to making money with renewable energy investments.
Trying to decide which renewable energy technology to invest in, is like sitting at a roulette table, trying to decide which number to be on. If you bet on wind, and solar somes up, you lose. If you bet on solar, and fuel cell comes up, oh well. Chances are we will have a combinations of technologies. But which company then to invest in? This sounds like a good choice for a mutual fund! That way we can buy a bunch of the renewable energy companies, and technologies!
One ETF that seems to fit our renewable energy investment need is PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy (PBW). PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio, (PBW), seeks to mirror the performance of WilderHill Index (ECO), which tracks the Clean Energy sector.
There must be other index funds for our renewable energy investment, but spending some time searching, I am not finding another one. I might not be using the right search terms. But at least there is one renewable energy investment choice.