I had some expensive dental work done a couple months ago, and I had to pay over $500 at that time towards the bill incase insurance didn’t cover the whole thing. I was in for a cleaning yesteday, and I get a $505 credit as the insurance covered more than they expected. The credit went back onto my credit card, so that is $505 less that I have to pay to pay off my credit card next month. So that should amount to $505 more that I can invest next month. Way cool! I wonder if I will lose the frequent flyer miles I earned on my credit card? I will still probably have to pay the interest on the money the dentist had for the couple months. I am guessing I wont lose the frequent flyer miles.
With the purchase I made today, I have over $5000 in my Buy And Hold account, so that is over half a percent of one million dollars. I am getting there!