These days I am trying to look at businesses that I use, or hear about as investment opportunities. My co-workers have raved about a place called Panera Bread (PNRA). So one day at lunch I decided to try it. When I saw the menu, I got excited as it reminded me of a place I used to eat at called Rainier Roaster. Rainier Roaster had wonderful warm roast beef sandwiches and fresh made caesar salads. But when I tried the Panera Bread sandwich, I was unimpressed. The bread was hard, and the roast beef cold, and the sandwich was small. Then I tried the caesar salad, and it lacked bite. It was missing garlic, or anchovies, or both. But still my co-workers go there frequently, so I may go back and try something else, and see if other selections might be better. But out of curiousity I looked up their numbers, and saw that they were fast growing. I considered investing, in spite of the fact that I was not a fan of what I had there. Then I started thinking about restaurants that were back where I used to live that I liked. I thought of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) which I always liked, and checked their numbers. They are smaller than Panera Bread but growing at about the same pace. And I like their food much better. If they had one here, I would probabky eat there often. So I am looking at buying some stock in that company now instead of Panera Bread.