I made $22.19 via Google Adsense yesterday! My new theme has more than doubled my click through rate (CTR). I bought an Adsense tracker Adsense Gold, and am going to play with my Adsense even more. The program cost me almost $100, so hopefully it will pay for itself. It will allow me to see more accuratly which pages are working, and which ads are being clicked. So I can play with the ones that aren’t working. Or if I make changes, I can see if they are actually improving or not. Adsense Gold also came with a bunch of free articles. So I have been putting many of the interesting financial related articles on my site here. I will see how that works. I am looking at setting up another blog elsewhere, and restrict this site to investing stuff, and do more of my personal stuff on the other blog. I may also set up a blog for travel related stuff. Still plenty of stuff to work on!