Polaroind was founded in in 1937, and made a variety of optical related products. But it was in the 1940’s when Polaroid introduced the Land camera, that Polaroid really took off.
Polaroid became part of the Nifty Fifty. The Nifty Fifty were considered “one-decision” stocks because investors were told they could buy and hold forever. It included companies such as IBM, Coka Cola, GE, and Xerox. Polaroid was considered to be one of the most prosperous of the bunch.
Polaroid’s stock symbol was PRD and was trading in $60’s in 1997. Later in became an over the counter stock (PRDCQ) and was trading for less than 10 cents a share in 2001.
In 2001, Polaroid operations were taken over by Polaroid Holding Company (PHC). In 2005, PHC was aquired by Petters Group Worldwide. Flextronics bought the Polaroid manufacturing operations.
Today, the Polaroid that used to be one of the most innovative companies around, is not much more than a name.
And I think this is where Kodak is headed, though they are dragging it out. They sure don’t seem to be doing much to turn it around.