My new year’s resolution was to re-focus my investing, and get back into it. So I was trying to figure out what to buy. Amazon has been very good to me in the last 10 years. I have made a lot of money in their Associate program. And Amazon’s stock has been doing well for me as my top performer. Google has really started to take off for me, and I have been earning $50-$100 a month lately with their Adsense product. But I have been hesitant to buy their stock because of the sky high P/E ratio. Their P/E was over 100 and the stock price was about $200 a share. I thought it was insane! Now the stock price is well over $400 a share, and their P/E is actually under 100. Their earnings are growing at an incredible rate, and they are expanding into alot of other areas. I figure I can risk at least some money on them such as the money I make from Adsense. So I may just reinvest the money I get from Google back into Google.