I was doing some spring cleaning, and stumbled on some junk mail that had been gotten shoved in a box. One of the things in the box was OTC Market Digest-Fall 2007 (Powerful Picks for Rapid Returns) . These things are so funny! These are like those spam emails that come touting a stock, where the senders have loaded up on some garbage stock, then when everyone buys the stock based on the email, they unload the stock at a profit.
The “issue” came apparently in Fall of 2007. The cover price was $29.95! For laughs and giggles, I decided to check out the stock they were recommending, but a year and a half after the fact. I looked up the stock symbol TCHH.OB, and got a message saying it wasn’t found. I searched for “Trustcash Holdings, Inc” and found it’s symbol had changed to TCHH.PK. It’s last trade was 0.0032. So less than a penny a share. Actually, I could buy 3 shares for a penny. Gee, I wonder how many shares there are, I could maybe buy the whole company for a some small amount. LOL! I tried to look at the history of the stock, to see where it had been in 2007, but there was no history. Probably because it is so small, that they don’t bother keeping it’s history.
Oh, I went to check out the website of “OTC Market Digest” (www.otcmarketdigest.com), and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
So be very careful about stock recommendations!