In 1792, a group of 24 New York City stockbrokers and merchants meeting at a coffee house, organized the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) when they signed the Buttonwood Agreement. They wanted a more orderly way to sell and buy company stocks. It was originally named the “New York Stock & Exchange Board”, but the name was shortend in 1863 to the New York Stock Exchange.
They made their first transactions under a buttonwood tree on New York City’s Wall Street. The first central location of the NYSE was a room rented for $200 a month at 40 Wall Street in 1817. But as they grew they moved into what is currently the New York Stock Exchange Building, located at 18 Broad Street, between the corners of Wall Street, and Exchange Pl., in New York City. The New York Stock Exchange trading floor is located at 11 Wall St.
The New York Stock Exchange is also referred to as The Big Board.