I got an email from my web host yesterday saying my automated subscription payment failed. I am not sure why it failed. It was supposed to take the money from my checking account via direct deposit, and I had enough money in there. But for some unknown reason it failed. I viewed the subscription on PayPal, but my only choices were update the subscription, or cancel it. There was nothing to tell it to retry now, or manually send payment. I udpated it to point at my credit card instead of my checking account. It said it would automatically retry on the 10th. Fine. But today I accessed my website only to find it going to some spammy store site. I thought at first that my site had been hacked. But when i checked the domain name, I saw that it expired on 3/8. So that I frantically called my hosting service to get it fixed. Very annoying! I generally like my hosting service, but this was not cool!